I love riding my bike, and the farther I ride, the happier I am. Hence, Ride Far! Entering a new region and seeing new scenery is what I crave most. Mountains, coasts, forests, farmlands – it’s all hugely rewarding.

After many years of riding purely for fun, I found the ultimate test of my passion: the Transcontinental Race – a self-supported, ultra-distance bikepacking race across Europe. There is no set route between the checkpoints, which change every year, and the total distance is around 4000 km. Outside support is not allowed (you’re completely on your own) and the clock never stops. For some people, it’s bike touring taken to an extreme level and for others it’s bike racing returning to its roots.

The knowledge I gained from competing in 3 of the first 4 editions of the Transcontinental Race and that I collected from many other sources is on this site. Despite the focus on how to be successful in bikepacking races, the information is also useful for anyone wanting to ride their bike as far as possible across unfamiliar terrain, regardless of whether they are racing others or just pursuing personal goals. It also doesn’t matter whether you call it long-distance or ultra-distance cycling, ultracycling, bikepacking, or bike touring.

Ride Far is divided into three main parts, each of which consists of several sections, plus a blog and a part containing information about the site:

  1. The Rider
  2. The Bike
  3. Race Information
  4. Recent Blog Posts
  5. Information About Ride Far


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