Links to general websites about bikepacking and ultra-distance cycling are listed below. The other parts of this website contain pages about most topics related to bikepacking and include many other external links:

Ultra-Distance Cycling

Ultra-distance cycling – General Wikipedia page
DotWatcher – List of bikepacking races, race reports, results, etc.
TrackLeaders – Hosts tracking for many major bikepacking races and events
Long- and Ultra-distance cycling forum – part of
The Adventure Syndicate – Female-focused endurance cycling website
Ultra MTB – Mountain bike focused
UltraMarathon Cycling Association – Focused on supported ultra-distance races – Spanish

Bikepacking & Gravel Biking
Bear Bones Bikepacking
Gravel Cyclist
ADVNTR – Aventure Cycling
The Radivist
Riding Gravel

General Cycling Media with Ultra-Distance Cycling Content – UK-based general cycling website
CyclingTips – Australia-based general cycling website
Global Cycling Network – YouTube channel
DC Rainmaker – In-depth reviews of cycling gadgets
Gran Fondo Cycling

Bike Touring

Cycling About
Trento Bike Pages
Crazy Guy On A Bike
Bike Sleep Bike
Bicycle Travellers
Adventure Cycling Association (USA)
Cycling UK – formerly Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC)
Far Ride
Warm Showers

Podcasts & Vlogs

The Bike Show – podcast with touring and ultra-distance coverage
The Hidden Athlete – podcast interviewing endurance athletes
Race Ride Seek – Curve Cycling podcast
Turn Cycling – Vlogs about ultra-distance racing and product reviews
Francis Cade – General cycling vlog with occasional bikepacking content
Peak Torque – Engineer who dispels lots of marketing myths in the bike industry (about frame stiffness, aerodynamics, etc.)
Hambini – Similar to Peak Torque, but with more focus on bearings and a rather intense presentation style

Blogs and Tour Reports

Apidura Blog
Jack’s Wanderlust
Torsten Frank (mostly in German)
Chris Bennett
Juliana Buhring
The Loong Way Home
A Swiss With A Pulse
Cycling Challenge
Bike Wanderer
Gypsy By Trade

Route-Planning for Cyclists

Some of these sites require subscriptions to use some or all of their route planning tools, but some are free.

Strava Heat map
Ride With GPS
Plot a Route
Garmin Connect

General Mapping

Google Maps
Bing Maps
OpenStreetMap (download OSM maps for GPS devices)

Ride Analysis Tools

Strava – Basic ride analysis with segment leader boards
Garmin – Basic ride analysis
VeloViewer – Advanced ride analysis, including the “Explorer” scores that track how many sections of the map you’ve ridden through
Wandrer – Keep track of which roads you have and haven’t ridden
Cycling Analytics – Includes analysis tools for power data
Di2 Stats – Analyze your gear combination usage and shift patterns (see Better Shifting for info’ on Shimano Di2 components)
SRAM AXS analysis – Similar to Di2 Stats
DCR Analyzer – Compare data from separate power meters

Coaching and Training

Training Peaks – Ride analysis and coaching
TrainerRoad – Online coaching
Zwift – Virtual riding, racing and coaching with a home-trainer bike
SufferFest – Training programs and videos

Indexes of Mountain Passes

Climb By Bike
Cycling Cols
Col Collective
BIG Cycling
Highest paved roads in the Alps
Dangerous Roads
Quaeldich – German
Club des Cent Cols – French
Cols Cyclisme – French
Salite – Italian
CicloManiac – Italian
Altimetrias – Spanish

Technical Info and Bike Maintenance

AeroLab Tech Blog
Silca Tech Blog
Park Tool Repair Help
Sheldon Brown – Tech info and repair guide
Bicycle mechanics form – part of
Geometry Geeks – Database of frame geometries, comparison tool and bike fitter index
Frame Builders index
Bicycle Rolling Resistance – Independent tests of more popular tires
Tire pressure: Silca calculator, FLO Cycling table (see halfway down page)
Stem height: Calculator, Table
Wheel spoke length: WheelPro, DT Swiss
Fork trail: Calculator


Bike Hub – Cycling & the Law – UK focused
Bicycle Law – US focused
Complete Tri – Many people get into ultra-distance cycling by starting out with triathlons

Please Contact Me if you know of a relevant website that is missing from these lists. To make this list, the site either needs to have at least some focus on ultra-distance cycling or to offer something that can’t be found elsewhere or is better than all other similar options.

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