This section contains advice on how to choose a bike and bike components that are appropriate for doing bikepacking races in particular and long-distance cycling in general. Five pages on this topic are included in this section and there are several related pages in other sections of Ride Far:

Criteria Important Criteria for Choosing Equipment
Bike Frames Bike Frames & Brakes
Wheels Bike Wheels
Gear Shifting & Derailleurs Gear Shifting Systems & Derailleurs
Gear Ratios Gear Ratios
Saddles Saddle, Seatpost & Tires (part of the Rider Comfort section)
Aerobars Handlebars & Aerobars (part of the Rider Comfort section)
Pedals & Shoes Pedals & Shoes (part of the Rider Comfort section)
Costs Equipment Costs (part of the Race Info section)
Bike Accessories The next section contains several pages on Bike Accessories