I was born in England but left after I finished school and lived in the USA and Canada for about 5 years each before coming to Switzerland more than 10 years ago.

I’ve been riding bikes seriously for about 20 years. The first time that I decided to Ride Far was only one week after buying my first adult bike: a failed attempt to ride from Chicago to New Orleans in the USA; I had a lot to learn. Since then, I’ve done multiple independent bike tours almost every year and have worked as a bike tour guide and planner. To know more about the riding that I do, you can follow me on .

I followed the first edition of the Transcontinental Race online and was immediately obsessed with it, so signed up for the next year. I’m now one of only 7 people to have competed in three of the first four editions of the Transcontinental Race. My best result was in 2016, when I was the 25th solo finisher, having ridden 3800 km, much of it in mountainous terrain, at an average of 300 km per day and a finishing time of 12 days 20 hours. Read my reports from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Before discovering the Transcontinental Race, I was riding cyclosportive events in the Alpine regions around where I live in Switzerland. The longest such event was the 270km-long Alpenbrevet in the central Swiss Alps that includes over 7,000 meters of climbing, which I did in 2010.

I’ve been repairing, modifying, and building bikes and wheels as a hobby, a part-time job, or a full-time job for almost 15 years. I’ve worked as a bike mechanic at The Bike in Lausanne, Switzerland for over 6 years. Contact me if you want me to build you some custom Ride Far Wheels built specifically for your requirements.

Distance & elevation totals this year:

Motivation for this Website

I had to scratch halfway through the 2015 Transcontinental Race due to a back problem that flared up a few weeks before the start and got really serious during the race (to be honest, I shouldn’t have started, read my race report). I then heard of many other people’s stories about scratching, some of whom stopped due to problems or injuries that I felt could have been avoided if they had started better prepared (almost 50% of the starters scratched that year).

I therefore started to build this website in September 2015. The fist pages were about how to prevent ultracycling injuries and I’ve slowly expanded it from that to now include over 60 pages on every topic related to bikepacking and ultracycling. I did a major overhaul of the content, organization and appearance of the site at the end of 2016 and created the Ride Far domain.

My writing style is to include a lot of detail, sometimes too much, but many people seem to appreciate it (some of the praise that I’ve received is included on the Support This Site page), so I see no need to simplify things. I try to present all valid alternative points of view, but at the same time I highlight that which I believe to be the best. I’ve always appreciated factual websites like the great Sheldon Brown’s and Peter White’s; if this site is anywhere near as useful to other people as their sites have been to me then I will be satisfied.

Working as a bike mechanic just about pays the bills, but feel free to help Support this site.