The Transcontinental Race (TCR, official website) is a self-supported, ultra-distance bikepacking race across Europe. Participants are free to choose their own route between the various checkpoints that change every year; around 4000 km is a typical distance. The clock never stops and riders must find all of their supplies at commercial sources along the route.

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Transcontinental Race Overview
TCR No1, 2013 TCR No1, 2013
TCR No2, 2014 TCR No2, 2014
TCR No3, 2015 TCR No3, 2015
TCR No4, 2016 TCR No4, 2016
TCR No5, 2017 TCR No5, 2017, p1
TCR No5, 2017, p2
TCR No6, 2018 TCR No6, 2018
TCR No7, 2019 TCR No7, 2019
2020 TCR (cancelled) 2020 TCR (cancelled)
TCR No8, 2021
Overall Results