The Ride Far Strava Club is for people who like riding their bike as far as possible, self-supported, exploring new places and pushing their limits of endurance cycling. Road cycling, gravel riding, bikepacking, ultra-distance racing, touring, etc. Join us on Strava.


The club is open to everyone, but to live up to the name of Ride Far, members should have a minimum goal of doing at least one 200+ km single-day ride each year, or a ride that is 8+ hours on the bike within 24 hours (to keep the challenge somewhat equivalent for those who ride more mountainous routes, more off-road, etc.).

The club gives Ride Far followers a chance to connect with each other and to see what other ultra-distance cyclists are up to. You can where club members live on the member list or browse all the recent rides.

Informal group rides are easy to announce on Strava. I’ll announce some in Switzerland and hopefully other members will do so for their regions.

Weekly total stats and most recent rides of club members:

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