Part III of Ride Far includes Race Information about ultra-distance, self-supported bikepacking races. An introduction to these race and pages on various races are listed below as well as a section about the possible costs of doing such events.

To follow races that are currently happening, visit the DotWatcher website.


bikepacking History of Bikepacking Races
Bikepacking Races List of Ultra-Distance Races


The Transcontinental Race (TCR)

Transcontinental Race Overview
TCR No1, 2013 TCR No1, 2013
TCR No2, 2014 TCR No2, 2014
TCR No3, 2015 TCR No3, 2015
TCR No4, 2016 TCR No4, 2016
TCR No5, 2017 TCR No5, 2017
TCR No6, 2018 TCR No6, 2018
Transcontinental Race Overall Results


Other Major Bikepacking Races

Trans Am Bike Race The Trans Am Bike Race
Indian Pacific Wheel Race The Indian Pacific Wheel Race


Costs & Budget

Race & Training Costs Bikepacking Race & Training Costs
Costs Costs of Equipment Used in Bikepacking Races