New section on Rider Safety

Last modified: May 23, 2021

I’ve just added a major new section to the Ride Far website on Rider Health & Safety, specifically as it relates to doing bikepacking races. The topic has received a lot of attention following the tragic events of 2017, so I’ve crammed as much knowledge as I can into these pages, based on solid scientific research wherever possible (I did a lot more reading that writing). It was originally meant to be one new page of up to 2,000 words, but it became 8 pages and 12,000 words, so is by far the biggest update to Ride Far this year! The topics covered are:

The most controversial section is probably the analysis I did of road safety data to arrive at an estimate for the Degree of Risk of Cycling & Doing Bikepacking Races. I sought feedback from a few different experts on this (thanks especially to Dr. Ian Walker), but I’m happy to hear everyone else’s thoughts on that and all of the other pages, so please leave your comments below.