Appearing on The Bike Show podcast

Last modified: May 23, 2021

Yesterday, I was interviewed for The Bike Show podcast talking about the Indian Pacific Wheel Race along with Craig Fry, who’s an Australian cycling journalist. Craig talked more specifically about the Australian race and I gave input about bikepacking races in general and how this one differs from others, plus further insights. Listen to it here.

If you listen until the end of the podcast, we give a couple of predictions on how the end of the race will pan out (note that these were made when the leaders were around the halfway point).

If you’re still not following this race then check out the tracker page and the Facebook page. The leaders are well past the halfway point and three of the favorites are starting to leave the rest of the field behind: Kristof Allegaert, Mike Hall, and Sarah Hammond, any of whom could win (see this Facebook discussion that I started). As well as the fight for the win, there are many people putting in awesome efforts all the way down the field, including the 74-year-old self-declared broom wagon Paul Ardill. This is the new breed of Australian overlanders.

IPWR tracker

Doing this interview reminded me that I did something similar in 2015 for the Hillseeker podcast, see Episode #3 in this list, which was about finishing the Transcontinental Race in 2014 and preparing for the 2015 edition. That seems so long ago now – I hadn’t even started making this website.