Praise for Ride Far

I’m glad that so many people have found the Ride Far website useful. Here is some of the praise that it has received:

Rudy: “I’ve learnt so much, thank you. Ride Far is my bible … I come here as soon as I wonder about something about cycling.”

Rob: “Your site has been invaluable to those of us preparing for the Transcontinental Race.”

Simon: “Your website is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thanks so much. It will help me a lot in preparing for the 999 mile ride I plan to do next year.”

Here are some statistics showing the popularity that this site has achieved:

  • 1 visitor(s) currently online.
  • 128 visitors today (30 of whom arrived after doing a Google search).
  • 2,503 visitors in the past week.
  • 95,894 visitors in the past year.

Support This Site

If you’ve found this site useful and you’d like to support it then please use the affiliate links to Wiggle and Amazon that I’ve included with the products that I recommend throughout this website. You can also go directly to these retailers using the image links on the right. I’ll receive a small commision from all purchases made during such visits. Thank you.

You can also make a direct contribution to the site by clicking the PayPal Donate button below. The default donation amount is just €2, but feel free to change that. Once again, thank you.

Finally, I’m an experienced wheel-builder and have built many wheels for participants in the Transcontinental Race. Contact me using the form below if you’re interested in me building a front dynamo wheel or a complete pair of custom Ride Far Wheels for you and I’ll try to give you a competitive price.