Race calendar updated with 2021 events

I’ve updated the 2021 Calendar of Ultra-Distance Races. Obviously, everything is a bit tentative, but most organizers have announced next year’s planned date, route outline and application process.
I’ve included information about what happened to the 2020 edition of each event (went ahead as planned, delayed, or cancelled), which makes for interesting reading in itself.
I’m pleased that 2020 hasn’t completely curbed the trend for the number and diversity of events to increase each year, with at least 10 new races planned for 2021 while the number of races that were cancelled in 2020 that haven’t yet announced plans for 2021 looks to be lower than that.
The only decent way to display the information is in a large table, which isn’t so easy to see on a phone screen, so I recommend viewing it on a larger device if possible.
Please let me know about errors and omissions by using the Contact Form or by commenting below. Thanks.

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